Integrated promotion of your company, goods and services on social networks in Russia and the

CIS countries.


Promotion through social networks is a very dynamically developing segment of the advertising market in Russia.

Such promotion will allow your company to attract new customers, increase sales, increase brand awareness, introduce new products and services to the market.

Create your advertising sites in the Russian-language segment of social networks!

The following social networks are the most popular in Russia and the CIS countries:


Instagram - now it is one of the most widely used and popular social networks in Russia and the world.


Facebook - the largest social network in the world. One of the most popular networks in Russia.


VK - the Russian social network is one of the most popular in the Russian-speaking segment of the Internet in Russia and the CIS countries.


OK - Russian social network for talking with friends, watching movies and TV shows, listening to music and much more. A very popular social network in Russia and the CIS countries.

Work in the Russian-language segment of social networks is the most important tool for developing your business in Russia.

SMM (Social Media Marketing) - a set of measures aimed at promoting and maintaining your pages on social networks.


We will take on all the tasks of creating, maintaining and promoting your business account in Russia and the CIS countries. Promotion of a "live" account.


Work package for SMM promotion.

Developing a comprehensive strategy for promoting your company, product and service


Development of a unique design and design


We understand the psychology of a modern Russian client, give the audience what they are interested in


We create interactive content (promotions, events, polls)


Targeting targeted ads


We work with reviews, build a brand reputation


Increase targeted traffic to the site

The cost of maintaining and promoting your business account

(in one social network) – from 699 € per month.

  • Creation and design of your account in accordance with the requirements of the brand and the interests of the audience

  • Community Creation and Customization

  • Analysis of competition and brand in social networks

  • Content strategy development

  • Design account design

  • Content Branding

  • Post creation

  • The publication of copyright unique thematic posts

  • Guaranteed to attract only live subscribers

  • Audience Activation

  • Answers to user questions

  • Placement of goods, services of photo materials

  • Setting up, launching, conducting targeted advertising

  • Create Unique Ads

  • Other jobs

Targeted advertising is paid separately.

What is targeted advertising on social networks?

Targeted ads are ads on social networks that are precisely aimed at information in user profiles: gender, age, interests, geography, etc.

Order targeted advertising on social networks and be sure that only those people who are interested and need it will see your ad!


Recommended Advertising Budget from 100 € per month

(paid separately directly to the social network).

Good discounts for maintaining simultaneously 2, 3 and 4 social networks.

How the work is built

Market analysis

We study your business

Competitor strategy

Target Audience Features

Features of the offer

Goal Definition

Number of new subscribers

Number of sales

Traffic to the site, etc.

Strategy Creation

Create / update community

We create content and media plan

We select illustrations

We develop corporate identity

Launching an Advertising Company

Customize Ads

Launching a test ad campaign

We analyze the results

Ad Adjustment

Correct the design

Change settings to reach the target audience

Refining Impressions

Work Reports

By the effectiveness of the advertising campaign

On budget spending

To create your account, we can use materials from your site or materials that you send to us or will send. We will also use illustrated materials about your country.


Time to create an advertising company 1-2 weeks.


For maximum effectiveness of your advertising company, an advertising company on Yandex - No. 1 search engine in Russia and the CIS countries can be additionally created to further promote your account.


Create your advertising sites in the Russian-language segment of social networks!

Promote your business, goods and services in Russia and the CIS countries!